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The AGV Team (or Autonomous Ground Vehicle Team) is a group of  interdisciplinary engineering students from the BYU Mechatronics Club. The club wants to bring this exceptional opportunity of participating in the IGVC competition to BYU students and help them gain and develop skills that will exponentially increase their ability to perform in future projects (Capstone and other Senior projects) and get a head start in their career as influential engineers.

The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition is a university level competition geared towards engineering students interested in robotics and autonomous systems. Visit the IGVC website to learn more about the competition!

If you are interested in joining, we are taking applications now. Please fill out this form to form. We are going to accept about 20 students, so apply now if you want to be a part of an awesome team!

The Team

Joshua Canlas

Team Leader (Mechanical Engineer)

Kristopher Ward

Electrical Lead (Electrical Engineer)

Benjamin Brenkman

Computer Lead (Computer Engineer)

Richard Liao

Mechanical Lead (Mechanical Engineer)

Bryton Smith

Mechanical Lead (Mechanical Engineer)

Mark Colton

Faculty Advisor (Mechanical Engineer)